Amazon Web Services

Sparkle is Partner of Amazon Web Services adhering to the Solution Provider Program and is in particular qualified reseller in the scope of GÉANT IaaS Framework Agreement.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) is a US company owned by the Amazon group, which provides cloud computing services on a technological platform distributed in around 20 geographic regions into which Amazon itself has divided the globe.

AWS offers over 150 products, including services of compute power, storage, database and networking, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and security. The cloud resources are accessible via Internet, available on-demand and on a pay-per-use modality, highly scalable and assuring high availability, redundancy and security features.

EC2 Functionality

The main computing AWS service is EC2, which presents a true virtual computing environment, allowing to use web service interfaces to launch instances with a variety of operating systems, load them with custom application environment, manage network's access permissions and run image using as many or few systems as desired.

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AWS Cloud for Higher Education

Whether you need to facilitate teaching and learning, better manage your university’s operations or access high-performance computing for demanding research projects, AWS has a solution. Instructors, students, researchers, IT staff and administrators can quickly and affordably access compute, storage and application services in the classroom, research lab, data center, and anywhere on campus.

As a special program for Education sector, AWS defined the Data Egress Waiver program (DEW) to limit the fees associated to “data transfer out from AWS platform to the Internet”: in its reselling offering Sparkle improves the DEW, fully annulling such costs as well as the need for customers to enroll the program. The service is available for Géant users from all AWS European regions.

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Private Connectivity to AWS Platform

Sparkle is also Direct Connect partner of AWS thus allowing Customers to establish a private and secure connectivity from their premises to the cloud platform. Read more