Noovle: Developing Digital Transformation Projects

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Noovle S.p.A. aims to become the first Italian center of excellence for the Cloud.

Born from the experience and digital skills of the TIM Group and the specialist competence of Noovle S.r.l. – an important Italian partner of Google Cloud - distinguished by a team of certified cloud experts of international level, Noovle S.p.A. is the Italian cloud enabler supporting the digital transformation of public and private companies with the aim of accompanying the customer in the journey to the Cloud by offering tailor-made solutions.

Thanks to the Data Center network inherited from TIM (built according to the most advanced technological and security standards, distributed throughout the national territory), the company is able to offer resources, services and solutions to organizations of all sizes: from infrastructure to the application, a secure cloud space to entrust servers, data and information.

Through TIM's capillarity and commercial presence on the market and thanks to strategic partnerships, the company is able to guarantee the creation of innovative private, hybrid, multicloud solutions, ensuring the secure and localized management of public and private data in Italy.

Noovle supports companies and organizations in facing the challenges of tomorrow by promoting the construction of digital ecosystems made up of people, technologies, data and processes. Believing in the future, getting involved by acting in advance, facing challenges promptly, engaging and sharing skills to achieve ambitious goals are just some of the foundations of Noovle.

Particular attention is also paid to the environmental issue by adopting green measures with the aim of taking care of people and the environment, aiming for widespread, inclusive and sustainable prosperity.