MultiCloud Suite

Sparkle provides Cloud services across multiple public and private platforms thanks to a multitenant environment including an automated management console to target direct and indirect Customers.

Customers can choose from Sparkle’s on-premises VMWare vCloud Director Services (Private Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS) running on the powerful hyper-convergent Nutanix infrastructure located at Sparkle’s proprietary Data Centers in Italy, Greece and Turkey, or from Public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud services, based on the reselling of the main Public Cloud Providers technologies (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud…) which extend Customers’ on-premises IT infrastructure to the public cloud.

Leveraging on such offer of multiple different cloud platforms, Customers can benefit of business continuity and system scalability, can limit the lock-in vendor risk and optimize costs and can benefit of best technical features.

Within the Suite, a wide choice of software solutions from a growing catalog of SaaS is available as well as automation tools that enable self-ordering, self-provisioning and consumption monitoring.

The MultiCloud Suite is further enriched by Sparkle Cloud Connect service, allowing Customers to connect on-premises cloud facilities to the major public cloud providers, with L2 and L3 private connectivity.

Sparkle has also established a network of selected Providers of Professional Services, identified on a geographic basis, to provide on-premises and local language support in terms of consultancy, migration design, management and training.

As a result, Sparkle Customers can benefit of a single point of purchase to simplify the procurement process and the providers management.