Sparkle Self Data Center

TIM Self Data Center

Comprehensive and modular solution of servers and computing resources such as vCore, RAM and disk space on Sparkle's cloud infrastructure.
It allows you to build your virtual virtual data center in a stand-alone mode, accessible from any device through a web console, to safely handle data and business applications and ensure that it works even when peak usage is used.


Totally Usage based Profile: Pay Only Resources and Features You Actually Use Depending on Your Server Status (On / Off)

Allocation Pool

An all inclusive fixed fee: guaranteed computing resources, backup and antivirus capabilities, and Microsoft Operating Systems licenses


Service portfolio provides the customer with a standard catalogue ("Public Catalogue") of vApp templates, including but not limited to Microsoft Windows operating system software and Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. Support to the templates containing Microsoft software on the public catalogue is performed by SPARKLE. Upon vApps instantiation process, the vApps management (eg. Patching of the operating system, support of Linux Red Hat or Suse distributions, ...) is performed by the Customer only. The service allows full autonomy to the customer on their own Virtual Data Center management in terms of:
  • o Configuring Virtual Servers
  • o Configuring antivirus services
  • o Restore the backup as described on IO9
  • o Network configuration (Firewall, DHCP, NAT, VPN)

The management, monitoring and maintenance of the physical delivery platform in all its components, as well as the Public Catalogue updates are of SPARKLE's responsibility.

The customer has access to specific sets of metrics available through SPARKLE (vCloud Director) web portal. The customer can view the resources consumption. The available metrics are related to the following parameters: Disk Usage (disk space allocated on Virtual Servers), GHz (CPU cycles used by Virtual Server), RAM (Amount of RAM allocated to virtual servers), Windows OS (Quantity of Virtual Servers with Windows OS), SQL Server DBMS (Quantity of Virtual Servers that use MS SQL Server). Within the service management console also features even more features that let you view the resources used at the time in terms of GHz and GB RAM Storage.

Virtual Servers

The customer can create its own Virtual Servers starting from templates provided by SPARKLE inside the Public Library. The licenses of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems are:
  • o available for a fee on consumption basis. Using Virtual Servers with Microsoft Windows operating systems, regardless if instantiated from Library Public or ISO images own, always involves the invoicing of the operating system by SPARKLE
  • o included in the monthly fee for the Pool Allocation Profile

The use of Linux template involves no licenses billing by SPARKLE. The Buyer shall sign contracts for such support autonomously with software vendors, if necessary. For stand-alone installation of the product Microsoft SQL Server and, more generally, any other product is not pre- installed and activated on the SPARKLE template made available, the customer will take care to check and agree in advance with the respective manufacturers / distributors possibility, mode and limits of use of the products on virtual systems made available by SPARKLE in the service


SPARKLE-GR primary data center is located in the industrial area of Metamorfosis, Athens, Greece, while the DisasterRecovery/Business Continuity datacentre is located in the area of Koropi, 40 km far away the primary site. Data Classification

Data Classification

As an ISO27001 and a PCI-DSS Certified company, SPARKLE-GR has in place an appropriate Data Classification and Handling Policy and associated procedures. Our ICT Installation and Management Policies and Procedures, enforce the use of special IT and Network Configuration Hardening Standards on all Cloud systems and network appliances which stores and/or process confidential data.
SPARKLE has no access to customer data as this are regarded as confidential.